Tenancy law

Tenancy law regulates all contractual relationships between owners and tenants, and between tenants and sub-lessees. Tenancy most commonly concerns housing, but can also apply to industrial premises or a café/restaurant for instance.

We advise our clients, who consist mainly of private landlords and institutional lessors, as well as commercial tenants, in all relationships and disputes related to tenancy agreements whether they are for residential or commercial purposes.

Our experience in litigation proceedings allows us to anticipate and personalise solutions to prevent potential legal disputes, or resolve them.
Our firm thus advises landlords wishing to adjust the rent, or to terminate the tenancy agreement. Rules protecting against excessively high rents, against termination or against eviction are complex. A farsighted landlord should thus analyse the situation before taking measures which could have long-lasting adverse consequences.

We provide you with the following services:

  • Analysis, negotiations and drafting of tenancy agreements
  • Assistance for fixing and adjusting rents
  • Assistance in the termination of tenancy agreements
  • Assistance in litigation during the tenancy: repairs, change of co-contractor during the tenancy, etc;
  • Eviction procedures
  • Assistance and representation in front of tribunals and conciliation commissions.
Lawyers involved