Bankruptcy law

Our firm assists its clients, whether they are debtor or creditor, in every step of an enforcement procedure, the cancelation or enforcement of a debt obligation, a judgement, Swiss or foreign, or an arbitral judgement.

The firm regularly represents the interests of debtors, or creditors, bankruptcy estates, in particular in all maters relating to claims for payment, responsibility in bankruptcy and actions to revoke.

We also defend the interests of owners and mortgage holders in procedures of mortgage termination necessary to the protection of their rights.

The following services are available:

  • Identifying and collecting information about debtors
  • Requests for debt enforcement, requests for sequestration, requests to lift sequestering measures, petitions in bankruptcy
  • Filing complaints against any wrong-doing on the part of the prosecution and bankruptcy office
  • Conducting procedures in the course of prosecutions, such as actions for debt relief, action for the annulment of prosecution, action to contest the state of the collocation or expenditures, amongst others.
Lawyers involved