Criminal law/(Criminal) Commercial law

In a constantly changing world, national and international trade have intensified. Public order and free competition require that certain rules are observed; rules which are numerous and scattered among different texts of law.

In this context, companies and individuals are often called upon to cooperate in investigation conducted by criminal authorities (Swiss or foreign). They may have to face certain external and unforeseen events, such as fraud or anticompetitive behaviour, or internal factors such as whistle-blowers. These events may jeopardise the company’s survival, and put at risk its directors or any person involved.

Our firm is active in all fields of criminal law, and in particular in all fields related to commerce/trade, administration, minors, military, road traffic, cybercrime, in the fields of commercial criminal law, interference with life, heritage and honour.

Our lawyers will assist you in the following procedures:

  • Drafting of criminal complaints and civil actions.
  • Finding transactional solutions with the plaintiffs, their beneficiaries and their insurances
  • The realisation of defence strategies and support in all stages of investigation, judgement or appeal
  • Requesting international cooperation or the freezing of assets directed in Switzerland
  • Levee de sequester penal
  • Identifying and freezing assets located in Switzerland and deriving from infractions committed abroad.
  • Financial regulatory compliance, in particular with respect to money laundering