Pension law

Our firm is able to advise and assist both beneficiaries of occupational pensions schemes, and pension institutions, as well as in other actors in the fields of occupational pensions: old-age pensioners, widows, widowers, and disability allowance beneficiaries.

Today, two main legal frameworks regulate occupational pensions schemes in Switzerland: the LPP and the LFMP. However, the law on pension schemes dates back long before the introduction of these frameworks. There still exists numerous different schemes for pension planning, each with its own particularities, making the analysis of their functioning a delicate exercise.

We put at your disposition our lawyers who are particularly specialised in this field in order to guide you.

Moreover, we will:

  • Advise you in all matters relating to professional planning (social insurance cover, access to property, dividing of assets in the event of a divorce, social insurance cover in bankruptcy, forgotten assets, etc.)
  • Analyse all contracts such as affiliation contracts or reassurances.
  • Represent you in all negotiations in the field of occupational pensions schemes and insurances
Lawyers involved