Tort law

Our firm will advise and assist you, whether you are the victim of or have committed a tort leading to actionable damages in all fields of tort law: accidents, professional negligence (financial, directorship terms, notary…), medical negligence, defective products, etc. Tort law is particularly complex, both in assigning each party’s duties and rights, and in calculating physical and material damages.

Our lawyers are highly specialised in these fields and will be able to guide you throughout the different stages leading to compensation for the tort, using mainly the Leonardo Programme to calculate physical damages.

More specifically, we will:

  • Identify breached duties, in particular by conducting a thorough fact-finding investigation
  • Estimate the different elements of damages (material loss, loss of income, loss of support, loss of pension, consequential damages, assistance damages, moral wrong)
  • Negotiate with the tortfeasor or the victim to ensure a fair settlement of the case
  • Represent you in all fields related to insurances and in all negotiations with social and private insurers (disability insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, pension funds, loss of income insurance and all other insurances, whether social or private)
  • File on your behalf, or defend you against any civil, criminal or administrative lawsuit
  • Assist you in all judicial procedures, before the relevant authorities or arbitration tribunal